Indonesians Resonance

Let Indonesians talk more about Indonesia development, and let its resonances break the lame development.

Salam Pembuka

Hello Indonesians. Welcome to ”Indonesians Resonance”. This is only one of thousands fabulous ways to stimulate development ideas for Indonesia. Development in this blog is something which more than Gross Domestic or National Product growth. It is including about how to secure Indonesia people from their deprivations especially about poverty, unemployment and equity. Although we have been independent since 61 years ago, but still there are 109 millions Indonesians or almost 50 percent of Indonesia population which living on poverty condition (estimated by World Bank in 2006) and around 11 millions unemployment (Kemiskinan, Bank Dunia, dan Revitalisasi Pertanian by Bustanul Arifin). Another milestone of Indonesia development is about an having equal access between women and men to and control over development resources, equitable participation in decision-making processes, and benefit equally from results of development which still on unsatisfied level.

Of course, in order to scale up Indonesia development, we need great notions which not come from foreigners only but also Indonesians. As planners do believe that development is not an homogenous thing. Each country has different characteristics which need different understanding, methods, stages, and approaches in performing development. Let Indonesians talk more about Indonesia development, and let its resonance batters down the lame development for getting the sustainability.

Please don’t hesitate to write fresh ideas in BAHASA INDONESIA or English

Warm Regards – Bang Jenal.

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